What are professionals saying about the FBA Profiler?

(a sampling of unsolicited feedback)


I have been looking for a better, more efficient way to conduct Functional Behavioral Assessments, and the FBA Profiler is it!! Thanks. (Marylouise, behavior consultant)


I am so enjoying the use of the FBA Profiler! I have started using it almost exclusively in the children's psych evaluations (previously used the BASC). (Cheryl, psychologist)


I just wanted to let you know that this eval has helped tremendously in the FBA process. I have searched for rating scales that help sort the function in past and always have been disappointed. Your scale has been more accurate and easier to use. (Steve, behavioral specialist)


I love this assessment!  It is not only very detailed, but it is user friendly!  I also love the summary report! Thanks! (Tom, school psychologist)


I have used the FBA Profiler this past school year and have found it to be extremely beneficial in helping to write Functional Behavior Assessments as well as Behavior Intervention Plans.  My teachers have been very appreciative of the information this instrument provides. Thanks for making this available to us. (Brenda, school psychologist)


I just completed my first assessment with the FBA Profiler and it was right on! The student is ASD and the rated behaviors were exactly what observations and discussions were looking at.  I am impressed.
(Nancy, school psychologist)


We found the FBA Profiler very helpful.  It was a nice way to compare Target Behaviors, Hypothesized Functions, and Mental Health Screening across raters. Thanks for a nice easy to use FBA device. (Rick, psychologist)


I have received very positive feedback from the teachers in our division who are using the FBA Profiler.  They all comment on the usefulness of the information they receive from the program. (Kelly, Behavior Specialist)


Our Behavior Development Program team agreed to continue use of the FBA Profiler next year and to use it to track student progress at least twice during the school year. We talked through how to apply the results to plan specific interventions based upon the Target Behavior/Function connection as well as to establish Present Levels of Performance and goals/benchmarks on students' IEPs. (Marcia, school psychologist)


I really like the fact that the FBA Profiler is comprehensive, easy to administer and score! (Lynn, special ed. coordinator)


Our system used the FBA Profiler several times and it was true to how we felt the individual student's behaviors could be identified.  It also helped the parent to truly view their student's behavior in the school as well as home. Any assistance we needed was readily available. (Melanie, director of special education)


We tested the FBA Profiler for our school district... I found it to be a valuable asset and very user friendly... (Celia, behavioral specialist)


I have used the FBA Profiler in my work with several students and have found the information to be quite helpful and consistent with observations and parent/teacher interviews etc. So I am very pleased overall with the consistency and apparent accuracy of the instrument. (John, school psychologist)


My Behavior Development Program staff likes the FBA Profiler VERY MUCH. The capacity to break
down functions of behavior into primary and secondary levels is extremely helpful in prioritizing and tailoring interventions to specific students. We also like the mental health screening component which gives our anecdotal impressions and other formal instruments additional weight with parents. (Monica, school psychologist)


I have used the FBA Profiler software with a class that I teach on assessing the behavioral needs of students.  It has been a very useful tool in illustrating the concept of using a variety of raters to strengthen the conclusions one can reach about the adjustment skills of students in a variety of settings.  (Jim, Assistant Professor)


I am currently using the FBA Profiler today to write an FBA and BIP.  It has been most helpful. Thanks!
(Emily, school psychologist)


I love the FBA Profiler. I have talked to our district about purchasing it because it's really useful.
Thanks :-) (Stacie, special educator)


I am finding the FBA Profiler to be very useful.  When combined with all other data we collect on students, the hypothesized target behaviors and functions seem very appropriate.  I think it is a nice objective addition to other FBA data.  Thanks again! (Anne, school psychologist)


I am so impressed, getting FBAs organized and completed has been quite
time-consuming and not always done at a level that I think you are able
to do with the instrument you have created. Thanks! (Kristal, special education teacher)






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