What are people saying about the CPI? Here are some quotes from professionals who have been using it.


'Finally an LD assessment that makes sense!!! I love it!' (John D. - school psychologist)


'The CPI is a great way to obtain quantifiable information from parents. That assessment piece has always been difficult before.' (Alice R. - LD teacher)


'I'm so glad that the CPI allows me to enter objective test data into the scoring program. I'm amazed at how well the CPI and IQ information correlate. And in many ways it seems that the CPI results are more relevant from a processing perspective.' (Dave H. - school psychologist)


'I am quite impressed with the information gathered from the CPI, it has been very helpful with the end of the year's IEPs.' (Mary H.)


'Thanks for developing and sharing such an excellent instrument. I used the trial software and would like to upgrade to the professional CPI package.' (Ted S.)


'I really like what you have done. It makes it so simple and yet is so comprehensive. I  find this very helpful and can do the evaluation that I need next week. This is a very useful way to view processing that results in very practical interventions.' (Rick W.)


'Thanks for making the CPI-Online available. It has been very helpful.' (Jane C.)


'I took our school psychological report and compared those results with the results from the CPI, in all but 1 case out of the 55+ I have done, the results correlated. I thank you for the work you are doing, It is of help for the new IEP forms in the state of Michigan. I am using your results for the individual strengths and weaknesses that the student has. The students also gain insight into their learning styles.' (Mary D.)


'I just discovered the CPI inventory. This is an excellent tool for the assessment process for AT Risk and pre-referral students.' (Cheryl F.)


'I am a Special Educator and am thrilled to see another type of testing become available. Thanks so much!' (Betsy S.)


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