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Take part in the ongoing process of updating the norms for the CPI and FBA Profiler and earn a free 1-year extension of your current registration for all LDinfo instruments (CPI Pro, FBA Profiler, and FBA Screener)!

That's a value of up to $499 for your district or organization!!!

It's quick and easy, here's how....

This normative process requires very little of your time or involvement. To participate, you simply need to direct students, parents, and teachers to the LDinfo web site (http://www.LDinfo.com) and invite them to try the free online rating options. The invitation can simply be included in an email or newsletter, posted on your web site, or presented in any other way you can imagine.

Keep in mind that the norms for these instruments need to be representative of the general population. So be sure to direct your invitation to a very broad audience and not limit it to any narrow population (such as parents of students receiving special education services). Of course, demographic data for each subject will be utilized to ensure that the chosen normative sample accurately represents the general population.

Also be sure that the invitation includes your unique 'Participation Code' (which will be provided to you when you register to take part in the process). Participants (parents, teachers, or students) will need to enter your unique participation code into the online entry form in order for you (or your organization) to receive credit for the entry. If you have a single-user registration, you will earn your 1-year extension after just 50 entries. If you have a full site registration, you will need 200 entries in order to earn your free 1-year extension. This may sound like a lot of entries, but each individual student may represent multiple entries (from self, parent, or teacher) which will all count toward your total.

If interested in this opportunity, just click the link below to complete the simple registration form and be issued your participation code. But rest assured, by completing the registration form you will be under no obligation whatsoever to have any involvement in the normative study. The form merely allows the generation of your unique participation code for you to use only if you decide to participate.

Click here to complete the registration form


Please note - any given individual or organization is only entitled to one free 1-year extension no matter how many times they may participate in the normative process.

Questions about this special offer? Click here to send us an email.

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