Here are some of the highlights of the FBA Profiler:

  • The FBA Profiler identifies specific areas and types of behavioral difficulties with nationally-based standardized scores for easy identification of 'at risk' or 'clinically significant' behavioral concerns.


  • The FBA Profiler identifies potential underlying 'functions of behavior' to help establish an understanding of the specific behavioral difficulties and promote more effective intervention. A list of suggested interventions is also provided for each 'function'.


  • The FBA Profiler provides a very broad mental health screening to help identify possible need for additional evaluation or mental health consultation.


  • The FBA Profiler rating forms are provided in both English and Spanish. 


  • The FBA Profiler is provided entirely as a software package which will run on either Windows or Macintosh computer systems.


  • Once the FBA Profiler software has been registered an unlimited number of rating forms can be printed, copied, distributed, and scored (using the included computer scoring application) during the registration time limit without the need to purchase anything else and no fear of ever running out of rating forms.


  • The FBA Profiler has been thoroughly tested and refined with extensive data and factor analytic evaluation.


  • The FBA Profiler provides a 'practical' assessment of emotional and behavioral needs with clear and useful intervention suggestions for educators, parents, and mental health professionals.


  • The computer scoring program for the FBA Profiler is simple to use and provides multiple levels of interpretive guidance and support.


  • The FBA Profiler scoring process makes it very easy to compare and contrast multiple ratings on an individual subject.


  • The on-line FBA Profiler provides parents, educators, and individuals with a convenient and risk-free means of trying out this assessment tool.


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